Month: January 2022

Vintage Items In EVE Online

An EVE Online article about the current trends to create ownership of digital assets in non-universal environment applications.

EVE Online | Deccan Chronicles: Preface

People join EVE Online every day lately, and there are good reasons for that. It’s a unique experience in a familiar venue with seemingly unlimited possibilities.

EVE Online How To: Republic Frigate

Hearkening back to earlier days of EVE Online, one of the most accessible ships to the Minmatar is the mighty Rifter, a versatile attack frigate capable of effectively deploying...
Unconventional Tactics At Play In Kamela

Unconventional Tactics At Play In Kamela

Hand-in-hand with the fighting, factional warfare efforts in Kamela have illuminated some fascinating politics at play, as do many war-stricken areas in Eve Online. In my time covering the factional warfare skirmishes at Kamela V so far, I've seen just about all...

Front Line Fighting Intensifies

Front Line Fighting Intensifies

1-13-YC124 20:45 Factional warfare fighting in Eve Online continues as Minmatar forces continue their coordinated assault on Kamela. In high orbit around Kamela V and just outside the deadspace pocket from the Amarr Novice Outpost, a rare engagement of two frigates...

The Return Of The Liberator

The Return Of The Liberator

An errant wormhole opened in a deeply folded pocket of typically unreachable space, though which a probe was sent by MLF scientists. Not long after, the probe returned with unimpressive images of an ancient monument floating within the Milky Way.  When they...

Transmit A Message

Do you have a story to tell from the highest casualty Eve Online war?

If you’re a fighter on the front lines of Minmatar Factional Warfare and you were involved in a fight in a contested system in or near Heimatar, I want to hear your story. Send me your first hand account for a chance to have your story featured on Evil Online.

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