Bill Reeves

Minmatar Kestrel DESTROYS Amarrian Coercer

Each officer, despite the obvious irony of the gesture, brought aboard small arms in the form of pulse rifles and hand cannons.

Former MLF Commando Duty Made Training Camp A Breeze, E-Boxer Claims

The daily regimen is a combination of exhausting physical and psychological preparation specifically to increase mental toughness.

Hannibal Decca’s Reign Of Terror Continues

By sharing his plunder with the exploited citizenry and locals, Decca has won the allegiance of those from whom he collects no taxes.

DENYING Smegerton Rinah

DENYING Smegerton Rinah

His thrusters pushed to their limit on a head on approach, the interloper planned to draw the enemys fire to allow the ally to escape.

Deccan Chronicles Part V: Attrition

Deccan Chronicles Part V: Attrition

High casualties were suffered, and for no reason besides personal gain of a few determined members. I couldn’t blame them; we hadn’t been allowed to so much as peek outside the station in over a week.

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