Crash & Burn In EVE Online

It’s over, you think. I can’t believe I have all my plex, hookers, and cigarettes in this one massive haul.

5 Factional Warfare Rifters For Solo Frigate PVP

Your skills, flying style, and your weapon preferences will largely be the factors determining what you should be trying to do with your range and tactics.

5 Ways To Die In EVE Online

EVE Online is the oldest, most layered, nuanced, and flawed space sim mmo to date. There are so many layers of complexity that planning and preparation are actually over half the...

My Favorite Book

Some people can’t hide their contempt for thoughts that have never occurred to them; it makes finding the boundaries of their understanding easier.

Learning From The Failure Of ESBC Undisputed

A quick search through Steel City Interactive's mentions on social media yields that sentiments for the supposed new, hyper-realistic boxing experience are cooling considerably from the original demo footage released years ago. Depending on which platform you visit,...

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