Combat AAR

The Return Of The Liberator

An errant wormhole opened in a deeply folded pocket of typically unreachable space, though which a probe was sent by MLF scientists. Not long after, the probe returned with...

2 Amarrian Battleships Down In Kamela Fighting

A frigate skirmish between Minmatar and Amarr forces  escalated to battleships in Kamela during the first week of YC124. The Bleak Lands has become known for it's...

Dogfight: Rifter OUTMANEUVERS Atron in Hadozeko

Solo PVP Rifter In Factional Warfare Despite the typical speed advantage of the Rifter-class frigate, Capt. Subwoof "Subie" Arjar encounters a rare ship that has more powerful...
Amarrian PVP Frigate SLAUGHTERED By MLF Forces

Amarrian PVP Frigate SLAUGHTERED By MLF Forces

Having earned its reputation as one of the most versatile of EVE online ships, the Republic Frigate thudded out of lightspeed and slid to an easy, friction-less halt about a ten kilometer distance from a tiny, distant shimmering directly overhead.  Sensors immediately...

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Do you have a story to tell from the highest casualty Eve Online war?

If you’re a fighter on the front lines of Minmatar Factional Warfare and you were involved in a fight in a contested system in or near Heimatar, I want to hear your story. Send me your first hand account for a chance to have your story featured on Evil Online.

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