EVE Online News

Out Of The Frying Pan, Past The Burning Tires

I paid for Escape From Tarkov with the expectation that the experience would be devoid of cheaters. That was extremely naive.

The Warzone Is Still Miserable

Whatever can be done to increase the opportunity for genuine conflict in the warzone is a positive change.

Solo Frigate PVP: All About The Little Things

Factional Warfare in EVE is improving but there’s still too much farming in the warzone

The Sprung Trap

The Sprung Trap

By the time I caught up with Donald Trump in the slasher, he’d slid barely out of tackle range and dove right back to the beacon. Unexpected.

Deccan Chronicles Part V: Attrition

Deccan Chronicles Part V: Attrition

High casualties were suffered, and for no reason besides personal gain of a few determined members. I couldn’t blame them; we hadn’t been allowed to so much as peek outside the station in over a week.

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