EVE Online Origins

EVE Online | Deccan Chronicles: Part IV

I knew that no amount of negotiation with Slaver’s Union would secure our survival. He knew that we weren’t prepared to defeat them in any major defense. The attackers had no reason to stop the assault and so they didn’t. I had no idea what it meant at the time, but I knew that to save ourselves, my tiny industrial corporation would somehow have to fight.

EVE Online | Deccan Chronicles: Part III

Heaving and struggling just beneath the surface of the lifeless, quivering mass of groaning automated bodies, the human contingent of IHS' 2-man, 24 character industrial core had...

EVE Online | Deccan Chronicles: Part II

Determinedly scouring belts and running into destabilizing opposition often, I was beginning to think that maybe the rumors of the EVE Online learning curve were right. This...

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If you’re a fighter on the front lines of Minmatar Factional Warfare and you were involved in a fight in a contested system in or near Heimatar, I want to hear your story. Send me your first hand account for a chance to have your story featured on Evil Online.

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