Front Line Fighting Intensifies

1-13-YC124 20:45

Factional warfare fighting in Eve Online continues as Minmatar forces continue their coordinated assault on Kamela. In high orbit around Kamela V and just outside the deadspace pocket from the Amarr Novice Outpost, a rare engagement of two frigates occurred some distance from the larger fray, between an Amarrian Retribution flown by Prince Seraghis and a Minmatar Breacher flown by Gengiskahn.

eve online factional warfare breacher retribution
Gengiskhan of Unlimited 2.0 kills a Retribution while flying a Breacher in the Kamela fighting; 1-13-YC124 20:45.

While maintaining a tight orbit, the Breacher’s unrelenting rocket assault destroyed the Retribution, seemingly a harbinger of further Minmatar triumph to come. The Amarr were driven back from the Novice and were still attempting to regroup when the Minmatar reformed in Vexors and moved to seize the Medium and then the Open eve plex.

eve online factional warfare vexor medium eve plex
Harkon Thorson activating an acceleration gate outside of a factional warfare complex.

They then reformed in a smaller, more engageable squad to begin capturing the rest of the system’s outposts, but the Amarrian defenders showed some initial hesitation to re-engage.


The Amarr eventually do reform and re-engage to defend, but are put down once again by Minmatar forces. Some of the more decorated Amarrian heroes appear to not have participated in all of the fighting, presumably from a lack of ships, or possibly due to a dip in morale.

The reasons for this string of losses are still unclear at this time. It’s also possible that the Amarrians took too much delight in hunting a defenseless corvette clearly named [PRESS] to concentrate on their own greater strategies. Regardless of the cause, the Amarrians will likely need to show new tactics in order to compete with the Minmatar in battle for the future of Kamela. So far, they’re projecting the message that they’re content with being able to weather the tide by defensively recapturing outposts when the majority of Minmatar forces fall back to regroup after their victories. From the outcome of the battles in Kamela of late, the momentum appears to be swinging to the Minmatar, and no amount of defensively plexing after the fighting has ended appears to extinguish it.

Written by Bill Reeves

Bill Reeves is a reporter for documenting stories in EVE Online. Bill actively reports on factional warfare and current events and graciously accepts in-game donations of EVE plex and ISK. Bill is always looking for tips and checks his emails often.


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