Out Of The Frying Pan, Past The Burning Tires

If you knew how easy it was, you’d probably have been cheating, too

While some developers tend to ignore community gripes about exploitative mechanics, others have found that the key to a growing playerbase has a lot to do with the experience of the gameplay itself. But through subtle messaging and consistently shifting policies, it’s been preached that marketing is the most important aspect to any product sold. In fact, particularly slimy sales guys, like Bill, like to argue that the product itself is just a vessel through which an end-user can experience something he promised. So the product itself doesn’t matter; to Mr. Reeves, it’s all about the promise he made to get people to sign on the dotted line. That’s why I hired him.

Being more of a customer in some respects than Mr. Reeves, though, I tend to disagree. When I pay for a ship, I’m not simply paying to get to some individual destination. I’m paying for the reliability, convenience, and master craftmanship of that superior Minmatar product. If all I cared about was the travel itself I’d just be a passenger and pay a fare to someone else.

Cheating In Tarkov

The logic extends to how I paid for Escape From Tarkov with the expectation that the experience would be devoid of cheaters. That was extremely naive; g0at’s video proves that cheating in Escape From Tarkov is way worse than I thought.

But what the video doesn’t necessarily emphasize is the fact that cheating, in all its various forms, is much more rampant everywhere than you think. Tarkov has cheaters, sure. But every game with stakes has cheaters. Even professional games have cheaters. And cheating goes far beyond games. People cheat in everyday life, in invisible ways undetectable by you. If you believe that the world is a fair place, you’ll be outraged to learn of its injustice.

Likewise, if you thought Tarkov was a fair place, and many did, you’d be outraged to learn of just how common cheating in Tarkov really is. But c’mon guys.

Life’s only fair for the people with every advantage. They compete on the highest stage against each other. Sure, you can slide in with your Rifter and score a kill every now and then, but if you’re not immortal, you’ll quickly hit an unsustainable attrition rate for solo endeavors.

So if you could break the rules that everybody else has to follow and secure an advantage over almost every other person, why wouldn’t you?

Written by Hannibal

Hannibal is a devout freedom fighter, an accomplished space captain, a famed psychonautic explorer, and the self appointed "Lord Of Sashimi."


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