Solo Frigate PVP: All About The Little Things

Having no idea how to implement such a mechanic, and generally having no real knowledge of how the different pieces of EVE technically work together doesn’t give me the least bit of pause when making this recommendation.

The supply depots, listening outposts, etc. are good ideas and, in my opinion, welcome additions; but factional warfare still needs further adjustment to become the meatgrinder that many newbros envision when they’re recruited. Shaking off the rust here and I like the new changes to factional warfare. But the only systems that really feel all that much different than before the EVE Online Uprising patch are frontline systems and rearguard systems.

Enabling certain abyssal-like effects, or warp inhibiting fields within range of certain factional warfare beacons might limit some of the particularly prevalent stinkcheese tactics that still plague EVE Online factional warfare.

Instead of lots and lots of fighting throughought the warzone, we usually get Space Cat vs. Space Mouse in EVE Online, which isn’t nearly as fun as it sounds like it should be. 

Something like a warp drive disabling bubble, a la ESS, or an abyssal-like effect cloud might encourage more actual fighting in factional warfare over territory. The cloud should likely be invisible to dscan, of course, and reset randomly thoughout the constellation to prevent easy exploitation.

Currently, the only counter to take a position solo from another solo ship that’s much faster than you is often the construction or purchase of an even faster ship. With the upgraded vessel, the attacker can either now attempt to drive that enemy away from the outpost, or simply catch and kill it.

But sometimes, building a more expensive ship to do that isn’t even worth it; many apparent solo ships at factional warfare outposts have backup nearby anyway. You can put all the expensive modules you want in your ship, victory is sometimes determiined before you fire your first shot. 

Still very often, and even in frontline systems, you’re likely to find heavily contested systems with members of opposing militias who refuse to engage in any space combat; instead one side captures outposts while the other defends others.

Factional Warfare in EVE is improving but there’s still too much farming in the warzone for my liking.

And because of this layer of random data, many solo pvp engagements that would’ve happened just don’t; why go through all the trouble of attempting an attack when the enemy suffers no consequence whatsover from simply abandoning their perch until you leave?  Or simply preventing your escape and summoning as much backup as they can muster?

Considering that spawning such a death cloud in every outpost in every warzone might be too heavy-handed an approach to preserve the good things that FW already does well, it’d likely be more useful and acceptable to implement such a change on some specific, limited outposts; say, the frontline systems only, for instance. Or, there could be a single outpost with one of these abyssal like effects/bubbles in each system. 

Written by Hannibal

Hannibal is a devout freedom fighter, an accomplished space captain, a famed psychonautic explorer, and the self appointed "Lord Of Sashimi."


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