The Sprung Trap

In EVE Online, Solo Frigate PVP is the purest form of rage fuel.

The Republic Frigate is many things, but it’s very rarely an Assault Frigate hunter. When you’re flying solo in a T1 frigate in EVE Online, you need to be able to disengage from unfavorable encounters.
Keep an eye on your directional scanner to see where there might be useful landscape. In this case, decorated Matari Warrior Jesoph Swolin and his fleet were already busy throwing down at an outpost.

Flying solo in EVE Online means no multiboxing, no backup, and no comms; you just gotta believe! EVE Online player count would be quite a bit lower if more people played like this, but few do. Being lonesome and needing backup, I figured the Minmatar boys in the plex might appreciate me bringing a kiting war target assault frigate to the beacon at 0.

I took the gate and when I slid out of warp I found that the fight was spread out, with an ally double teamed about 40km from any support. There were other, easier kills nearby that I could’ve likely taken advantage of, but I decided to save an ally was a better mission.

Donald Trump In EVE Online?

By the time I caught up with Donald Trump in his speedy slasher, he’d slid barely out of tackle range and dove right back to the beacon. Unexpected; like the time I cut off the freedom caravan lead car, causing his driver to lay on the horn, helplessly, as I escaped onto the ramp and south on the tollway, a middle finger out the driver’s side window.

Of course, spotting him away from backup and vulnerable this time, I followed. I pushed the 5MegaNewton microwarpdrive beyond the manufacturer’s recommended load to catch him, but by the time we arrived at the beacon from within the skirmish, the retribution that’d been chasing me across multiple constellations thudded out of warp.


Trump’s slasher was clearly fit for speed and evasion; by now he was screaming around the beacon in an oblong 20km orbit at better than 3km/s. The brawl taking place within a few hundred meters of the beacon still raged on, but there were only two ships left; one ally, and one war target.

Abandoning pursuit of the offending slasher, I adjusted my own orbit to within range of the enemy Imperial Navy Slicer. It had already taken heavy damage by the time my first autocannon barrage landed.

Unfortunately, by this time, Lithalnas in the retribution had managed to lock on and start dealing heavy damage from long range. The armor held until the fall of the slicer, and during the ensuing evasive maneuvres. 

Evading long range fire from the retribution and pursuit from the slasher, I somehow managed an escape with minimal damage. Pure solo frigate PVP is not a myth, at least for today.

Written by Hannibal

Hannibal is a devout freedom fighter, an accomplished space captain, a famed psychonautic explorer, and the self appointed "Lord Of Sashimi."


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