War In Space

In the ring, on the ground; in the stars.

Rifter vs. Hound

Attack Frigate vs. Stealth Bomber

PVE ships can be nice and expensive. It sure would be a shame if something happened to one of them. In this solo frigate pvp video, a very cost-effective Rifter-class t1 frigate engages a much more heavily armed stealth bomber. 

Rifter vs. Atron

MWD Frigate Mirror Match

A 5MegaNewton Microwarpdrive boosts ship velocity by up to 500%. Use this acceleration power to catch thinly armored kiters. Here’s a video showing a high speed solo frigate pvp engagement between a MWD Rifter and a MWD Atron.

Hannibal vs. Pandemic Horde

Firetail vs. Algos + Crucifier + Jaguar

A lone frigate. Deep behind enemy lines. No backup. Watch this video for a suicide solo frigate pvp mission featuring Hannibal Decca and The Black Star.

Hannibal vs. Pandemic Horde II

The Hunt For More Hordelings

Pandemic Horde is one of the biggest organizations in EVE Online. It can be difficult to survive against members of large groups. In this solo frigate pvp video, watch a nimble Dramiel engage multiple targets using superior speed. 

EVE Online Trapping In Space II

When Little Bank takes Big Bank

When you’re really fast, you can get there before your target can. Then, instead of chasing, you just need to wait. Stealth bombers can be great for causing major damage to larger targets; against another frigate, they’re sitting ducks. In this solo frigate pvp video, watch this Rifter set a trap for a stealth bomber.

Solo Frigate PVP

How To Break A Gatecamp

Everybody gets caught in a gatecamp every once in a while. When it happens it can seem like there’s nothing you can do to stop it. There is; but you’re probably not going to like it. Watch this video to see how a single frigate can break a sophisticated gatecamp against multiple ships by targeting the weak spot.

Rifter vs. Tristan

If at first you don’t succeed…

Speed kills in EVE Online. But even more deadly than the velocity at which an engine hurtles a crew forward is the determination of those men and women to perservere in the face of certain death. In this solo frigate pvp video, a righteous Rifter takes a beating, somehow survives, and strikes back against the enemy Tristan, scoring a dramatic kill in defense of a Tribal Liberation Force supply transport. 

EVE Online Space Pirates Join Forces

Citizens Horrified by Alliance of Iron & Steel

The warzone can be a dangerous place. No matter what side you’re on, you’re never safe, so you might as get in where you fit it. In this video, The Great Crusade strikes, led by the infamous Sheltark Sykari. When it was all said and done, they say you could see the smoke from Jita.

Rifter vs. Kestrel

Autocannons & Speed vs. Rockets and Webifiers

Even though Rifters can easily destroy other classes of ships, it can actually struggle against other vessels in its own class. A nightmare matchup is Rifter vs. dual web Kestrel. In this solo frigate pvp EVE Online gameplay video a Kestrel-class frigate gets caught with low shields by a quicker Rifter.

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