Subie Strikes Again in Heimatar

Somewhat famously known for fearless assaults against unfavorable odds, Capt. Subwoof “Subie” Arjar has commanded another Republic Frigate to victory in EVE Online news. This time, as is often the case, the Minmatar defenders were at a firepower disadvantage against the Amarr aggressors.

An Imperial Navy Slicer commanded by Cyrelle Aurilen of Task Force 641 approached the novice outpost in Hadozeko at 23:44 on 5/27YC124 looking for an easy target against an overmatched ship. The Republic Frigate pounced on the Amarrian vessel immediately, closing the distance to less than 500 meters. Immediately, the Slicers 5 megaNewton thrusters crackled to life, flickered, and ultimately sputtered off entirely under the load of the Republic Frigates warp scrambler module.

The initial burst of speed from Aurilen’s attempt to light the Slicer’s thrusters propelled the ship just outside of the warp scrambler’s range; pushed just a little harder than the manufacturer’s recommendations, the Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler is actually capable of deactivating a target warp core from around 10 kilometers.

With the enemy unable to escape to their preferred engagement range, the Republic Frigate still faced the mighty task of closing the 10 kilometer distance. Under low-transversal fire from the Slicer’s beam cannons, the shields of the Republic Frigate evaporated under the first volley from the Amarrian frigate.
The second volley devastated the armor of the Minmatar defending vessel, rendering it around 50% effective. Repairs under fire were said to have begun immediately.

“It was all we could do just to keep the bulkheads attached to the hull,” said Capt. Arjar. Budget constraints lead to creative modular equipment selection in EVE Online. “We’re fortunate enough to have uncovered a cache of nanite paste from the wreckage of the enemy, which covered all repairs.”

A beginner EVE Online ship taking fire from an enemy Navy Frigate

According to sources, the Republic Frigate did in fact close that 10 kilometer distance. While firing it’s own primary weapons, it established a tight, quick orbit around the Slicer at close range; so quick that the Slicer’s long range guns were unable to track. The Slicer’s volleys, devastating when faced head on, missed with greater and greater regularity as the Rifter’s assault intensified.

By 23:46, the Imperial Navy Slicer had absorbed as much damage as it could, and split under the force of Rpeublic Fleet Fusion rounds raining from the autocannons of the Republic Frigate.

Carlos Ramos, a recognized frigate commander on the Amarrian side, approached the outpost, but before his Crucifier Navy Issue could intercept, Capt. Arjar had ordered a looting of the wreckage of the Slicer.
Before the Crucifier made visual contact, the Republic Frigate had fled, having stricken down an Amarrian vessel and escaped, relatively unscathed.

“The enemy is mustering more focus now, and they’re starting to reclaim territory. Things are heating up on the front lines.” Rocking back in the Captain’s chair and turning toward the large windows on the bridge, she peered directly at the star after which the system of Hadozeko was named.
“It’s creating opportunities for MLF to engage targets and sell scavenged parts, but without a bigger, coordinated effort to stop the growing momentum, Hadozeko might be vulnerable soon.”

The locals in Hadozeko warn of discounting the Minmatar heroes stationed there historically, but the numbers don’t lie: Hadozeko is approaching a 75% contested level, and loitering amarrians can be seen regularly assaulting outposts uncontensted. A similar phenomena occured in Klogori some time ago, and it has become an Amarrian stronghold since, disrupting trade between certain routes to Eugidi.

Written by Bill Reeves

Bill Reeves is a reporter for documenting stories in EVE Online. Bill actively reports on factional warfare and current events and graciously accepts in-game donations of EVE plex and ISK. Bill is always looking for tips and checks his emails often.


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